Melasma on Face: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Bothered by brown patches appearing on both sides of your face? Read Melasma on Face:
Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment to get rid of melasma disorder.
Melasma is a problem in which areas of the skin tend to get darker than the surrounding
area. It is typically found on the face, particularly the forehead, cheeks, and above the upper
Melasma frequently occurs during pregnancy and is much more common in women than in
men. It is also usually associated with hormonal fluctuations.
Doctors are clueless about what causes melasma. It probably occurs when the color-making
cells in the skin produce too much melanin. While anyone can get it, it is more common
among young women.
There are three kinds of melasma: epidermal, dermal, and mixed melasma. The contributing
factor in the development of melasma is exposure to sunlight.
The use of medications that make you sensitive to the sun might increase your risk of
developing melasma.
Luckily, there are various treatment for melasma on face, which primarily include in-office
clinical treatments, skincare products for melasma ( best face cream for melasma), and
other similar topical ingredients.
To answer the growing demand for skincare products, Devriz Healthcare, as a skincare
company, presents to its users the best treatment options for melasma.
Devriz Day Serum, Night Cream, Face Wash, and Sunscreen are the main products
recommended for melasma.
best treatment for melasma on face will involve a comprehensive skincare approach that
is a blend of clinical treatments, topical skincare therapies, and other sun protection
Therefore, to provide a clear picture, the blog will primarily focus on the causes of melasma,
symptoms of melasma, effective treatment, and prevention of melasma, and when to call a

What are the main triggers of melasma?

Doctors fully fail to understand why melasma occurs in the first place. The main triggers for
melasma, or risk factors, include:
1) Skin color is crucial, as melasma is found in people with light brown tones, more so if
they reside in areas with high levels of sun exposure.
2) Frequent sun exposure to UV rays might also trigger melasma.
3) Pregnancy is also the leading cause of melasma, thereby affecting 15% to 50% of
pregnant people.
4) Genetics is also a crucial factor. As per a study, about 50 percent of people with
melasma report that close relatives suffer from a similar condition.
5) Stress and thyroid problems also tend to cause melasma.

Main symptoms of melasma
To get a clear overview of treatment for melasma on face, best treatment for melasma
on face, it is important to identify the main symptoms of melasma:

1) The main symptom of melasma is hyperpigmentation—discolored patches of skin
that are typically flat and look darker than a person’s natural skin tone.
2) Melasma symptoms are visible on both sides of the face and appear in certain facial
parts, such as the cheeks, upper lip, lower lip, and forehead.
3) Signs of melasma also appear in parts that are highly exposed to sunlight. Viz
forearms, neck, shoulders.
4) The patches might be light brown or dark brown. It might appear as bluish patches or
freckle-like spots on the skin

Effective Treatment and Prevention of Melasma
treatment for melasma on face, best treatment for melasma on face usually comprises
the underlying suitable segments like:

Skin Bleaching creams
The best skin-bleaching creams contain the best skin-brightening and lightening ingredients.
Devriz Night Cream represents the best face cream for melasma. It works to brighten the
dark spots.
Enriched with lactic acid, mulberry extract, milk enzyme, and sodium lactate, the best face
cream for melasma removes melasma, acne, and other skin problems.
The active ingredients in the night cream work to provide a lighter skin complexion.

Clinical Treatments

Chemical peels, intense pulse light therapy (IPL), laser therapy, and microdermabrasion are
some of the effective treatments for melasma on the face.
Chemical peels are acid-enriched liquid solutions applied to the skin to eliminate dead skin
It is the best treatment for melasma on face, if melasma does not respond to other
IPL makes use of certain wavelengths of light to target and eliminate pigmented parts of the
Laser treatment using non-ablative lasers constitutes the best treatment for melasma on
Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation process that helps to enhance the
appearance of melasma by removing the outermost dead skin cells.

Sun Protection
The sun is a crucial factor in protecting your skin against UVA and UVB rays.
To get the best results, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen ( Devriz Sunscreen Gel) with an
SPF of 50.

Sunscreen SPF 50 helps block harmful rays from penetrating the skin, thereby preventing
melasma and similar symptoms.

Other skincare Products
Among the other skincare products, Devriz Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing Facial Foam
Face Wash and Devriz Glowing Skin Brightening Face Serum are other suitable products for
Face wash enriched with Kojic acid di palmitate works to lighten the skin tone.
While the face serum, also called day serum, with vitamin C and retinol helps fight sun
damage and melasma,

When to call a professional

Despite trying all the aforementioned treatment methods, if you do not see any relief,
Immediately consult a broad-spectrum dermatologist. As per your skin type and the severity
of the melasma problem, the dermatologist will recommend the best treatment remedies for
you. A doctor can diagnose the melasma disorder simply by looking at your skin and might
also prescribe other aftercare medications for better results.

Conclusion: Melasma on Face: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
With a variety of factors at play, the treatment of melasma is a complex and challenging
task. Prolonged photoprotection is, therefore, necessary to stop exacerbating the problem.
Sun protection is the first natural line of defense. Some of the crucial sun protection
measures include applying broad-spectrum sunscreen, wearing sun protective hats and
sunglasses, using a broad-spectrum umbrella, etc.
As a last resort, it is always advisable to schedule your consultation with a certified skin
specialist in case any irritation or skin complications occur. You can also implement certain
lifestyle choices in the form of changes in dietary patterns, regular yoga, exercise, and
adequate sleep to prevent melasma and other skin disorders.


Which is the fastest way to cure melasma?
The fastest way to cure melasma is through dermatological procedures. It might include
chemical peels, lasers, IPL, and microdermabrasion.
Which is the best vitamin for melasma?
Vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B3, or vitamin D might help you manage your skin health and
melasma symptoms. Lack of these essential vitamins might worsen skin conditions or cause
other problems.
Which vitamin C serum is best for melasma?
Devriz glowing skin brightening Face serum enriched with vitamin C and retinol works to
inhibit the production of melanin. The serum is highly recommended for melasma,
pigmentation, and dark spots.
Is niacinamide effective to treat melasma ?
Evidence shows that niacinamide has lightening properties in adult women, with a 100
percent improvement rate in melanic hyperpigmentation caused by melasma.
Is potato good for treating melasma?
As per some research, potatoes might help lighten dark spots concerning skin freckles,
sunspots, and melasma due to a skin-bleaching enzyme called catecholase. For best
results, raw pieces of tomato are mixed with other acidic ingredients, such as yogurt and
lemon juice, to create a lightening face mask.



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