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Make open pores a History with Devriz open pores Kit to help you achieve that flawless complexion that you have always dreamed of . The kit power packed with dermaroller , day serum and Night Cream together put a stop to active acne . All the products in the kit work in perfect harmony to rejuvenate or refresh your skin thereby bringing out the natural beauty .


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Product Description

Product Description 

Devriz Open pore kit is an advanced Pore Minimizing Kit that works to clear pores from congestion , shrinks open pores , unclogs pores from oils , & helps to even out fine lines and wrinkles . The Kit comprising Dermaroller , Day serum and Night Cream is a personalized skincare kit , perfected with  deep scientific knowledge and expertise to Treat extremely oily , congested or porous skin . 


Main benefits of Open Pores kit 

The  Triple Product combination of open pores Kit  offer the underlying benefits such as : 

  1. The kit intends to assist in cleaning the pores and minimizing visibility of pores . 
  2. The kit is effective to lessen sebum and dead skin cell deposit , which might lead to the appearance of open pores . 
  3. Provides suppleness and tightens skin thereby improving skin elasticity . 
  4. It gently exfoliates the skin to stop dirt build up that might clog or further enlarge the pores . 
  5. Controls and absorbs excess oil , maintains the skin elasticity . 
  6. Suitable for all types of skin yet best for oily skin or lacking elasticity in general . 
  7. The Dermaroller specifically minimizes the size of facial pores . 


How does open pores kit Work – ingredients and Products list 

The exact answer to how does open pores kit work primarily lies in its ingredients and Products in the kit as highlighted below : 

  1. Derma roller – About the product : A small hand held device enhances the appearance of various skin problems like stretch marks , acne and large pores . How does the Product work : it works by digging in minute punctures in the skin to promote collagen Production and treat skin problems like large pores or acne marks . 
  2. Day serum -About the product : The serum helps to hide dark acne spots with its unique luminous or skin Brightening properties .Ingredients : Niacinamide , arbutin , Kojic acid , hydroquinone  . How does it work : The serum enriched with the respective ingredients work to inhibit melanin Production to provide softer , firmer skin complexion . 
  3. Night Cream – About The product -This is a revolutionary cream that works to minimize dark spots ,facial pores ,  uneven skin tone or discoloration . Ingredients : Mulberry extract , vitamin C , lactic acid , milk enzymes work to reduce the appearance of facial pores . How does the product work : The Cream works through its active ingredient blend to provide glowing skin free from pores overnight . 


Outline on How to use open pores kit 

Apply some Drops of Day serum on your palm and massage gently using fingertips on your face and neck to get  rid of dark spots . 

Before going to bed , apply Night Cream evenly on your face using your fingertips  to experience the rejuvenating magic of the cream on skin during night . 

To use  Dermaroller , you can refer to the product description or Instructions on How to use the device to avoid side effects or minor skin mishaps . 

Precautionary Instructions 

  1. Keep the Dermaroller out of reach from children . 
  2. Keep in mind that an excess amount of night cream might hamper your skin in the Long run . So , keep applying a pea -sized amount of Night cream  during Night . 
  3. For best results , apply the day serum after cleansing your face with a cleanser to get rid of impurities , facial pores effectively . 
  4. Subject both the night cream and serum to patch test to determine skin compatibility . 



Are open pores permanent ? 

It is important to shrink open pores permanently . But regular cleansing and exfoliation are the best way to keep pores clean and Clog free . 

How do I remove pores from Face naturally ? 

Use ice cubes , gram flour, oats , sunscreen , non -comedogenic skincare products to remove open pores naturally from the face . 

Which is the best serum for open pores ? 

Devriz Glowing skin Brightening face serum is regarded as the best serum for open pores . 

Is Niacinamide effective to reduce Pores ? 

Niacinamide, also called Vitamin B3, helps visibly reduce enlarged pores , Tightening loose pores , enhancing uneven skin tone , or strengthening a weakened surface . 

Is Vitamin C good for open pores ? 

Vitamin C as found in serum is effective in reducing  the appearance of pores . 


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