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Pigmentation Treatment Kit

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Product Description

Devriz Anti – Pigmentation Treatment Kit 

Devriz Anti-pigmentation Treatment Kit is an interesting triple combo designed to provide the best pigmentation solutions and treatments. The Kit represents the best blend of three skincare products useful for treating pigmentation issues on the skin. It is effective to reduce dark spots, premature signs of aging, Melasma, and acne. Works well for oily, dry, sensitive, Normal, and combination skin types.   

Products Breakdown In Anti – Pigmentation Treatment Kit 

  1. Devriz skin glowing Deep cleansing facial foam face wash: Works as an effective cleanser to even skin tone while gently and deeply cleansing the skin.
  2. Devriz skin glowing day serum: Works best for hydrating and softening skin. This trans formative face serum brings forth the skin’s natural radiance thereby promoting a bright and shiny complexion.
  3. Pigmentation night cream: The ingredients of the cream are believed to contain skin-brightening properties and help to inhibit the production of melanin -the pigment responsible for skin color and having anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Combined Benefits Of Using Pigmentation Treatment Kit

The products found in the anti-pigmentation kit are made with a powerful combination of natural extracts and ingredients. Such formulation helps with the following benefits :

  1. The triple treatment formula offers a complete and one-stop solution
  2. Readily available on the devriz healthcare website with attractive offers during festivals or other seasons.
  3. Paraben-free day serum works specifically for melasma, brown spots, and uneven skin repair, minimizes inflammation and eliminates acne.
  4. The light-foaming texture of face wash is perfect for all kinds of skin and is suitable for all kinds of skin.
  5. Night creams rich in antioxidants help to prevent wrinkles, pimples, sun spots, or scars. Non -irritating and gentle for everyday application on the skin.
  6.  All three products are known for faster absorption and deeper penetration into the skin.
  7. Common areas of treatment include Melasma, pigmentation, acne-induced hyper pigmentation, or sun damage.

The Active Ingredients Of The Anti – Pigmentation Treatment Kit – How The Kit Works 

  1. Glowing skin brigtening face serum: includes alpha arbutin, propylene Glycol, cetyl alcohol, Kojilite, Cetostreary alcohol, ethosydiglyc glycerin , paraben free, helps to reduce wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Gently works on all skin types and should be used on a daily basis for healthy and glowing skin.
  2. Skin brightening night creams are skincare products containing ingredients like Almond oil, Light liquid paraffin, camellia genesis ( green tea extract ), wheat germ oil, grape extract, mulberry extract, Milk enzyme, saxifrage extract, sodium lactate
  3. The glowing facial foam face wash contains kojic acid and vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone . Contains L-ascorbic acid, Hydrolyzed jojoba esters, palmitic acid, Niacinamide, potassium hydroxide, and sodium laureth sulfate all work together to reduce signs of aging or eliminate dark under-eye circles .

How To Use The Products Of The Pigmentation Treatment  Kit

For best results, users are recommended to use the products in combination forms viz  Use Skin brightening face wash + Devriz Skin glowing face serum during the morning for best results ( Face wash containing kojic acid di palmitate reduces visible sun damage. Also called day serum, skin glowing face serum enhances skin elasticity or brightens dull skin. )  Use pigmentation night cream + Skin brightening face wash before going to sleep. (the combined use of both improves the appearance of skin pigmentation and works towards overall skin brightness ) .  Use a face wash at least twice a day to unclog pores, and remove dirt or impurities.  Moreover, enriched with vitamin C, the face wash is a powerful antioxidant nutrient to help protect the skin from the damaging effects of sun and pollutants, the factors causing melasma or pigmentation.


16 reviews for Pigmentation Treatment Kit

  1. Pooja Singh

    Pigmentation k best option hai

  2. yatika mehra

    mai ye kit pichle 3 mhine se usee kr rhi thee ab mera pigmentation thik ho gya hai

  3. Shona Chaudhary

    meri sister ne bhe yahi products use kiya hain, unka pigmentation sirf 3 mhine mai thik ho gya hai

  4. Florina

    I used devriz pigmentation kit since 3 month its result are quite well.

  5. Dr. Somya Singh

    Good Quality Product ( Suitable for Darkspots, and Pigmentation ) Its Result is too good thats why I Recommend This Product to Skin Care Patient )

  6. komal

    “I can’t believe the results I’ve achieved with the Devriz Pigmentation Treatment Kit. My skin looks more even and radiant than ever before.

  7. shivani

    After just a few weeks of using the Devriz Pigmentation Treatment Kit, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my dark spots. It’s like magic.

  8. priyanka

    I’ve tried numerous pigmentation treatments, but none have worked as effectively as this kit. Thank you, Devriz, for giving me my confidence back.

  9. soniya

    I’m amazed by how fast I saw results with this kit. The Devriz Pigmentation Treatment Kit is now a staple in my skincare routine

  10. Meera Sharma

    As a busy working professional, I appreciate how easy and quick this kit is to use. The results are gradual but steady, and it’s helped me combat the sun-induced pigmentation on my nose and upper lip.

  11. Neha Kumar

    I started using this Pigmentation Treatment Kit before my wedding, hoping to address some stubborn pigmentation on my chin. It may not be a miracle worker, but it’s certainly made a significant difference, and I’m satisfied with the results.

  12. Pooja Rajan

    The Pigmentation Treatment Kit has been effective in reducing the appearance of old acne scars on my cheeks. It’s a gradual process, but I appreciate that it doesn’t dry out my skin like some other products I’ve tried.

  13. Tanvi Joshi

    As a mom, I need skincare products that are easy to incorporate into my busy schedule. This kit is simple and effective. It’s practical for addressing pigmentation without too much fuss.

  14. Ritu Verma

    This kit has helped me lighten some sunspots on my shoulders and arms. I use it consistently, and the results are encouraging. It’s practical for targeting larger areas of pigmentation.

  15. Anika Gupta

    I’ve tried several pigmentation treatments, and this kit has become my preferred choice for maintaining clear and even-toned skin. It’s practical, and I like the gradual but consistent results.

  16. Sanya Kapoor

    I’ve been using this Pigmentation Treatment Kit for my melasma on my upper lip, and it’s made a noticeable difference. I appreciate that it doesn’t have a strong fragrance, making it practical for daily use.

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