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Achieve freedom from fine lines and wrinkles with Devriz Skin Tightening kit .  Ageing is a bane that steals your skin of its youthful glow and luminosity . But Do not worry , A one of its kind ,the Kit Contains products that aid in reducing fine lines and wrinkles . The Kit provides elasticity , long -lasting glow and fairness to the skin . 


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Product Description

Product Description 

Devriz Skin tightening Kit helps to look your skin youthful instantly . The Products in the kit – Night Repair serum and Sunscreen works by sculpting the face and providing it with a tightening effect . The Kit essentially consists of a skin firming formula to diminish finelines , reduce wrinkles and lift saggy skin to provide youthful skin glow . 


Key Benefits of Skin Tightening kit 

  1. Enhances your skin’s natural skin cleansing functions .
  2. Effectively Brightens and Lightens complexion . 
  3. Aids in Removal of toxins . 
  4. Minimizes signs of ageing 
  5. Works to lift facial skin and corrects loose and sagging skin . 
  6. Effective to add elasticity and firmness . 
  7. Removes Dry and Dead surface cells to encourage more rapid cell turnover . 


Ingredients and Products of Skin Tightening Kit – How does it work 

The kit comprises of Night repair serum and Sunscreen for best results . The ingredients and products details on how the Kit work can be highlighted as below : 

  1. Night repair serum – About the product – Night Repair serum is a popular skincare product to repair and rejuvenate the skin while you sleep . Ingredients – Niacinamide , Aqua , sodium hyaluronate , Retinol , fragrance  . How does it work – The serum armed with active ingredients blends  acts as a lightweight concentrated formula , providing Hydration , enhances skin texture ,aids in collagen production or protects against UV radiation or pollution . 
  2. Sunscreen – About the Product – Sunscreen Gel is a broad spectrum , non -comedogenic , water -resistant , matte finish formula  sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB . Ingredients – Glycerin , aloe barbadensis , Red raspberry seed oil , Withania somnifera root extract .How does it work : sunscreen Spf 50 work by reducing uneven pigmentation and dark spots . It also doubles up as primer for Makeup . 


How to use a Skin Tightening Kit ? 

  1. Take a good amount of SPF 50 sunscreen on your face and Neck for 15 minutes prior before you go out in the sun . 
  2. You can even reapply the sunscreen after every 2 hours as per your skin requirement . 
  3. While sunscreen protects your skin during the day , Pour certain amount of retinol formulated Night repair serum on your palm and apply evenly on your face to replenish skin during Night . 
  4. Dab the serum on your face using your fingertips and then massage gently on your face for best results . 





  1. Avoid Direct contact with eyes while using both the products . 
  2. Replace the product’s cap tightly after use so that essential fragrances do not evaporate . 
  3. Do not forget to perform the necessary patch test for both the products . 
  4. Read the instructions printed on both the Products labels carefully to avoid skin irritation or rashes . 


More details 


Net weight : 30 + 50 Ml = 80 ml . 

Country of origin : India 

Shelf life : Check Best Use From Date of Manufacturing . 




Which serum is best for skin tightening ? 

Devriz Night repair serum enriched with antioxidants is best for skin Tightening . 


How Do I tighten my skin at home ? 

Exercise , supplements , massaging and other cosmetic procedures help to tighten skin at home . 


How to tighten loose skin without surgery ? 

Skin tightening Kit is one of the best examples of non -invasive and natural way of tightening loose skin . 


Are the Products in the Skin tightening kit effective ? 

Both the products are really effective in their own respective spheres . Sunscreen and night serum are best remedy to tighten sagging skin . 


Which is the ideal age to start skin tightening ? 

The ideal age range to start skin tightening Treatment or remedy is between 30 to 65 years of age . 


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