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Advancements in Dermatology, Effective Treatments, and skin care products work to address Pigmentation Problems and help Discover Your Pigmentation Solution! 

A spotless clear skin is what we all desire but Pigmentation, sun spots, or freckles might mar this innermost desire. 

The skin tends to derive its Pigment from Melanin – a pigment that determines the color of your skin, hair, and eyes. 

Excess Production of Melanin appears as brown patches and spots and is called Pigmentation or skin discoloration. 

In simple terms, Pigmentation occurs due to the overproduction of melanin, stimulated by various triggers like UV exposure, genetics, hormones, or even certain medications. 

Pigmentation, is, thus, no doubt, a frustrating skin Problem making you look older and your skin exudes less glow than it ought to be. 

But the Good news is that there are various ways to fight it. Starting from medical treatments, and company skincare Products, specifically made for Pigmented skin, the options are many and endless. 

Devriz Healthcare as a cutting-edge skincare name offers Devriz Night Cream, and Devriz Serum as the Best Pigmentation Products. 

Therefore, the article concerned will revolve around Skin Treatments for Pigmentation, Company Skincare Products for Skin Pigmentation, and Lifestyle measures to prevent pigmentation. 

Skin Treatments for Pigmentation 

There are endless Pigmentation Removal treatments to select from. The following are some of the Best clinical Pigmentation Treatment offered by leading skincare clinics such as : 

Pigmentation Treatment with IPL skin rejuvenation 

Intense pulsed Light therapy (IPL ) is a highly effective pigmentation Removal method worldwide. 

It is the most harmless and best method. It primarily works by targeting short beams of light directly toward the Pigmented parts of the skin. 

This light beam also passes through the outer layers of the skin, to break up Pigmented cells minus harming the adjoining area. 

In addition to Pigmentation, the IPL Pigmentation Treatment is best for preventing anti-aging as well. 

As opposed to other skin treatments, IPL is a much more targeted Treatment, targeting the specific sun-damaged, pigmented parts. 

Remove Pigmentation with Microdermabrasion and LED face Treatments 

Microdermabrasion and LED light therapy are both effective treatments for Pigmentation removal on the face. 

Microdermabrasion employs an instrument to exfoliate Pigmented skin cells.

It is also one of the best exfoliation Techniques that use ‘’sand ‘’ to remove the Pigmented skin surface. 

LED Light therapy, on the other hand, breaks down Pigmented skin cells by boosting Blood circulation and collagen production to minimize dark pigmentation. 

The best combination of Exfoliation with cell renewal therapy speeds up pigmentation removal while at the same time repairing damaged skin cells. 

Chemical peels for Pigmentation Removal 

Chemical peels are a well-known aesthetic treatment method used For Pigmentation. 

It is a cosmetic treatment that involves using acids to exfoliate the skin. 

Under it, the top skin layer is scrubbed away to pave the way for a smoother and even-toned complexion. 

Different acid concentration peels work as per diffrent levels of pigmentation. 

Glycolic acid peel is regarded as the most ideal feel to Reduce Pigmentation and similar related skin Problems. 

Additionally, kojic acid peel, Lactic acid peel, and salicylic acid peel also constitute the Best peels for skin Pigmentation. 

Company Skincare Products for Skin Pigmentation (skincare Treatment ) 

In addition to clinical Treatments, Skincare Treatment is also a bit among the majority of people who want to Prevent pigmentation. Below listed are some of the Best Pigmentation Products offered by a skincare company called devriz Healthcare such as : 

Skin whitening and Brightening face cream (night cream ) 

The Dermatologically tested and Clinically proven Night Cream Formula helps to reduce pimples and dark patches. 

Lactic acid and grapes derivatives used in the cream boost skin barrier function and even skin tone. 

The cream reflects its transformative power during the nighttime, paving the way for healthier and Brighter skin overnight. 

Moreover, the ingredients base of the Cream supports hydration, and softness and improves the skin texture. 

Glowing skin Brightening face serum 

Its second name is Day Serum. The serum works best for those who have visible Pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and uneven marks on the Face. 

Enriched with arbutin , niacinamide or Kojic acid . The serum Reduces Pigmentation and gives skin a smooth texture.

This serum as part of your skincare Treatment helps in Lightening Pigmentation Topically. 

The serum is also useful in Brightening and clearing up skin tone. 

 Lifestyle measures to prevent pigmentation

The ever-growing confusion On How to treat pigmentation is best addressed by following certain lifestyle measures as highlighted below : 

  1. To Stop sun damage, Always wear broad-spectrum SPF Sunscreen and avoid direct sun contact. 
  1. Drink plenty of water to Provide enough Hydration and Nourishment to the skin. 
  1. Incorporate a healthy and balanced diet full of Green veggies, fruits, and other antioxidant-rich foods. 
  1. Remember to get an adequate amount of sleep to get glowing and fresh skin. 
  1. Exercise and medication are also important to preserve your Body’s biological rhythm. 

Conclusion: Discover Your Pigmentation Solution 

After reading the Blog, we can conclude that the best way to treat pigmentation is to secure the skin from further damage and use Products that might work to reduce the appearance of existing discoloration. The preventive steps might include the use of sunscreen, Avoidance of direct sun exposure, or use of over-the-counter or Prescription products that might contain Ingredients like retinoids, hydroquinone, or Kojic acid. 

Users can also resort to natural home-based remedies to treat Pigmentation naturally. But in case of severe skin damage, It is also possible to book online consultations with the Top Dermatlogists of Various skincare clinics. The experienced Dermatlogists would recommend the best pigmentation Treatments or recommendations. So, don’t feel hesitant to talk to the skincare consultants at the clinic to unveil your real skin glow! 


How do I Remove Pigmentation naturally and permanently? 

Include vitamin C-enriched fruits such as strawberries, potatoes, broccoli, oranges, etc in your diet. Vitamin C-enriched fruits contain natural bleaching properties to help reduce Pigmentation. 

How do I remove spots from my face for 2 days naturally at home? 

Prepare a paste using a tablespoon of turmeric powder with 1-2 tablespoons of Honey and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil till it forms a paste with a consistency that’s not too thick or too liquid. Leave the paste on your face for 20 minutes and wash your face with water. 

Does Pigmentation reoccur after chemical peel? 

Pigmentation might occur any time after undergoing peel treatment and might be persistent, if not treated properly. Therefore, it is necessary to discover a one-stop permanent solution for Pigmentation that is both safe and produces long-lasting results. 

Why does My face turn darker after applying chemical peel? 

Darkening of skin is quite normal, for the initial first 24-36 hours of chemical peel Treatment. it is important that the skin turns dry and Tighter which tends to provide the appearance of a darker skin tone. The darkening is mainly due to the healing process, the spot treatment, or the formation of crusty skin. 

Which are the best Pigmentation Products? 

Devriz healthcare offers a variety of products for its users. Devriz face wash, night cream, and day serum are some of the best Pigmentation products. Each of these products with active ingredients blends works to lighten the skin and help reduce the appearance of existing discoloration. These Products also work as a preventive measure to keep future pigment changes under control. 



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