The Benefits and Risks of Using Skin Tanning Solutions

As there are two sides to the same coin, similar is the case with skin tanning solutions. It is evident in the benefits and risks of using skin tanning solutions! 

Tanned skin is a thing of attraction in many Western cultures. Over 10 million Americans make use of indoor tanning methods, viz., tanning lamps or tanning beds, to darken the skin. 

 But on the negative side, most methods of darkening your skin might increase the risk of skin cancer and provide no health benefits. 

This explains the growing demand for alternative skin tanning techniques especially in India. 

More so, Indian skin is  more prone to get darker due to climatic conditions and thus, to develop a tan. 

Skin tanning solutions are fairness treatments or solutions to effectively remove tanning from your skin completely.  

Most of the alternative skin tanning methods will comprise Skin tanning treatments, using the best tanning products and other effective sun protection measures. 

Therefore, the main purpose or segment of the article will comprise of types of skin tanning solutions, Benefits of using skin tanning solutions, risks and potential drawbacks of skin tanning solutions, and Tips for safe and effective use of skin tanning techniques. 

Types of skin tanning solutions 

With Tanning gaining widespread popularity, there is a plethora of options to choose from. Following are some of the best skin tanning solutions

  1. Several home-based remedies act as a natural bleaching process. For example, Yogurt and orange masks enriched with vitamin C content, turmeric, and gram flour are the best face masks for tanning. 
  1. Clinical Treatments are also the best way of removing tanning. Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser therapy, and intense Pulsed light (IPL ) are some of the best Tan removal treatments. 
  1. Sun Protection measures such as using a broad spectrum spf along with sun protective clothing, and the use of hats and sunglasses while going outdoors also constitute effective Tan removal remedies. 
  1. Using company-specific skincare Products, Devriz Healthcare’s Skin Whitening and Brightening Face Cream and Glowing Skin Brightening Face Serum are the best examples of tan removal products in skin care. 

Benefits of using skin tanning solutions 

Following are the combined benefits of using some of the aforementioned skin tanning solutions  : 

No UV radiation 

The biggest advantage of availing of these Skin tanning techniques is that it does not include any sort of UV radiation. 

Most of these tanning, treatments or remedies fall under the category of ‘’sunless tanning ‘’. 

It implies that there is no such risk of skin cancer or other harmful effects linked with skin cancer. 

Tanning solutions with the help of advanced treatments and skincare products imply that tanning solutions have gotten so good and advanced with time. 

Quick and convenient 

Most of the treatments or remedies prescribed for tanning are quick and consume less time. 

The best clinical treatments, be it chemical peels, laser therapy, IPL, or microdermabrasion, work to reduce dark spots and sunburn. 

These treatments are quick to perform under the supervision of expert dermatologists and require less or no downtime. 

 ‘Zero downtime ‘ implies that you can resume your daily work immediately after getting treated without any hassle. 


The best part about some of these tanning solutions is the ‘customizable ‘ approach. 

Each of the Treatments is customized as per each individual’s skin type or the severity of sun damage, sunburn, or tanning. 

The experienced dermatologist customizes or personalizes the treatment plan as per each individual’s skin issue in terms of ingredients used or topical medications prescribed. 

The outcome is happy and satisfied customers who are elated to regain their natural skin tone, free from tan. 

Safe and effective 

The clinical treatments are surgically non-invasive and use mitts, or gloves for even coverage. 

The treatments are performed in a clean and serene atmosphere in a clinic with proper application techniques to provide the patient a peace of mind or satisfaction. 

Moreover, Devriz’s skincare products, such as day serum and night cream, are often recommended as part of topical medications by dermatologists.

Glowing skin-brightening face serum works to its full potential when used in combination with sunscreen as an effective tan preventive product. 

Night cream, or skin whitening and brightening face cream, repairs and rejuvenates your skin against tanning during the night.

Boosts overall self-confidence 

Losing your natural skin tone and texture might lower your self-esteem and confidence.

Tanning causes darkening of the skin, especially on exposed parts of the face, arms, legs, feet, back, and neck. 

Dermatological procedures, along with topical skincare products work to fade the appearance of dark spots, with the best skin-lightening agents and ingredients.

A tan-free, radiant skin helps to restore your self-esteem and confidence. 

 risks and potential drawbacks of skin tanning solutions, 

There are also certain side effects associated with some of the skin tanning solutions as highlighted below : 

  1. Chemicals or ingredients used in the clinical treatments might cause skin irritations and other kinds of allergies or sensitivities on your skin. 
  1. Skin irritations or allergies visible in the form of rashes, redness, and swelling on your face might mar your self-confidence. 
  1. The treatments or skin care products, do not provide any long-term permanent solution, leaving your skin susceptible to develop similar skin problems again. 
  1. Availing of tanning Treatments from reputable skincare clinics and buying branded skincare products are often not possible for many patients seeking skin tanning solutions due to the ‘affordability ‘ quotient. 

Tips for safe and effective use of skin tanning solutions 

To remove all the drawbacks and get the best out of most skin tanning solutions, follow the underlying precautions and tips for safe tanning : 

  1. Read product instructions or warnings before applying the skincare products.
  1. Performing patch tests of tan removal products is important. Testing products on small parts of the skin before full application. 
  1. It is necessary to exfoliate before undergoing tanning treatments. It would help to eliminate dead skin cells and keep your pores shut during the tanning process. 
  1. As part of post-care and maintenance, moisturize and hydrate the skin to prevent dryness or flaking from the sun. 
  1. Keep in mind, to choose reputable and trusted brands both for clinical treatments and choosing skincare products to get optimal tan removal solutions. 

Conclusion: The benefits and risks of using skin tanning solutions

We can conclude that the effectiveness of skin tanning solutions depends on many factors. As a customer, you always need to make informed and right decisions while undergoing tan removal treatments. You need to prioritize safety and that will act as the ultimate guiding principle behind all the success of your tanning solution choices. 

Last but not least, it is always necessary to seek the best professional advice before you undergo tanning solutions. The dermatlogists based on your skin type would suggest natural alternatives and the best sunless tanning options. 


Is skin tan harmful? 

UVA rays might damage a person;’s Immune system, making it hard to fight off diseases and causing illnesses like melonama, the most serious type of skin cancer. 

Which is the safest way to tan? 

Using self-tanning sprays or lotions is one of the safest ways to tan. Skin tanning products are generally safe and don’t cause skin irritation. 

Is sunscreen effective in preventing tanning? 

No sunscreen is not completely effective in preventing tanning. It fails to keep skin safe from 100 percent of UVA radiation.

How do I lighten my dark skin? 

Exfoliation, skin-lightening products, and baking soda are effective in lightening dark skin. 

Which are the best skincare products to treat tanning?

Devriz Day and its Night Cream as mentioned in the blog is enriched with the best of skin-lightening ingredients to treat tan, sun tan, or tanning.



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